Free-N-Fun Christmas


Snowman Wreath

You’ll get snow-many smiles when you display this Do It Yourself Christmas Character Wreath on your door this holiday season! Add a touch of festive fun to your home decor with this adorable snowman wreath. The perfect craft for a cozy winter day!


  • White tulle
  • Wreath form
  • Floral pins
  • Hot Glue
  • Top Hat
  • Table tennis balls
  • Black paint
  • Red, orange, green felt


  1. Begin cutting lengths of white tulle, at least 12" long. The length you cut reflects how 'fluffy' or textured you want your wreath.
  2. Wrap a strand of tulle around the wreath and knot into place. Repeat this step all the way around the wreath. For a more dense wreath, squeeze each knot closer together. If you don't want it as 'fluffy', space your knots further apart. To complete the project shown, 4 tulle rolls were used.
  3. Using black floral pins and/or hot glue, adhere the top hat to the wreath.
  4. Paint two table tennis balls black. Once dry, glue to the bottom inside of the wreath.
  5. Cut a triangle shape from orange felt, and glue to the front of the wreath - on top of the tulle - below the eyes.
  6. Cut two strips of red and/or green felt, and glue to the bottom back of the wreath.

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