Free-N-Fun Christmas


Burlap Wreath

You don’t need Rudolph’s red nose to guide you through this Christmas craft project, just let your imagination be your guide! The Holiday Burlap Wreath craft project is fun to create and perfect for a front door wreath or for country Christmas décor.


  • Wreath Form
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Brown Paint
  • Stapler
  • Glue Gun
  • Jumbo Jingle Bells


  1. Carefully paint the Styrofoam wreath form with dark brown acrylic paint. A thin coat is all that is needed. Allow to dry completely.
  2. Staple the beginning edge of the wide burlap ribbon to the back of the wreath form. You will wrap the ribbon around the form, working forward from the inside of the wreath. Scrunch the ribbon together and push back against the first staple to create a bump or loose loop of burlap. Secure with staples and repeat, twisting the ribbon as you go. You want a random look.
  3. After you have worked through about . of the wreath, go back and use hot glue to stabilize the staples and any other areas you want to tuck back.
  4. Then continue with attaching the ribbon to the next . of the wreath, then go back and stabilize that section with hot glue. Repeat for the last two sections.
  5. Make a bow out of the green burlap ribbon, leaving the tails long. Attach with more glue to the wreath at the top.
  6. To finish, hot glue jumbo jingle bells throughout the wreath, using them to cover any bare spots, if necessary.

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